What is aesthetic style?

What is aesthetic style?

23 March, 2023

What is aesthetic style? Our Personal Shoppers share all their expertise to help you master the secrets of this new trend. Would you give aesthetic style a try?

What is aesthetic style?

Fashion evolves over time and, this season, there is a trend that has not gone unnoticed: ‘aesthetic’ style. The basis of this new movement surrounds aesthetics, meaning it considers the nature of beauty, art and a taste for all that is beautiful to look at.

Aesthetic style emerged from a Tumblr movement, where users started mixing grunge, gothic and sporty styles with winks to the aesthetics of the 80’s and 90’s. Would you like to know more about it?

The difference between vintage and aesthetic

The aesthetic movement emerged from Tumblr, as young users started mixing modern style with retrò pieces from the 80’s and 90’s. The basis of this new movement revolves around aesthetics, meaning it considers the nature of beauty, art and a taste for everything that is beautiful to look at. The main difference between aesthetics and vintage is that the former is an attempt to mix the current style with items from other decades to create a new and different style. In the latter, you just want to recreate a particular style, typical of a certain decade.

Do you fit in with the aesthetic style?

If you don’t identify with mainstream style and common canons of beauty, you might be an aesthetic person. This means that your style cannot be defined in the most typical way, rather you like to experiment and mix different vibes from different decades.

Of course, aesthetic style is not only about clothing: if you want to embrace this new way of life, you will also have to adapt your hair, your make-up, your attitude. All these features are different in the different aesthetic subcategories, which we will explain later in this article, so read on if you want to find the perfect one for you.

What does aesthetic fashion look like?

Aesthetic fashion style is a broad categorisation and, within it, we can find different sub-styles. However, there are some garments that can’t be missing if you want to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Read on to find out what they are, so that you can achieve a look inspired by the latest trend:

On your top, checked shirts, oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts, lingerie-inspired camis and bandeau-style crop tops are a must.

On your bottom, joggers, plaid skirts, wide leg trousers and biker details are a must.
When it comes to footwear and accessories, Dr. Martens boots, Nike Air Force trainers and a baguette bag are whatvwe find most often.

DO’s and DON’Ts of an aesthetic style

As you will see below, there are variations within the aesthetic style. However, there are certain elements that are common to all of them. Get to know these if you want to bring this style to your wardrobe.

  • Anything that’s non-conform to the actual typical style and attitude;
  • Researching pieces that are unique from vintage shops or small businesses;
  • Applying the style to every aspect of your life, from style, to attitude;
  • Choosing clothes from mainstream brands;
  • Creating looks that lack personality: the most important thing about this style is character. If you just copy what others do without taking into account your tastes it won’t work.
  • Doing it just because it’s fashionable: if it’s not done with intention and according to your own personality, it shows.

Types of aesthetic style

There are different sub-styles within the aesthetic movement. These are the ones you must be familiar with:

Aesthetic Art Hoe style

style aesthetic Arthoe

The aesthetic Art Hoe trend is based on a love of art, a connection to nature, painting and flowers. Art Hoe celebrates diversity and is perfect for lovers of art and creativity.

Art Hoe mixes basic colours with more intense shades. Tie-dye prints are one of this trend’s favourite patterns. Other items of clothing associated with the Art Hoe trend are trainers and cycling tights.

Aesthetic Art Hoe look by Lookiero

Our Art Hoe look suggestion would have a tie-dye sweatshirt, the star print of this style, worn with black shorts and trainers.

Aesthetic Art Hoe style
look Aesthetic Art Hoe style

Aesthetic vintage style

look aesthetic vintage

This style reflects a love for past fashions, particularly from the 70s to the 90s. Key pieces include boyfriend trousers, denim skirts, turtlenecks and slogan T-shirts.

Aesthetic vintage look by Lookiero

Aesthetic vintage look by Lookiero
Aesthetic vintage look by Lookiero

For a vintage look, we recommend you wear a slogan T-shirt (the bigger the better, so others can read it!), boyfriend jeans in a medium denim wash, a black bag with a short handle or one in a baguette style and some Converse at your feet.

Aesthetic indie style

Indie aesthetic is all about individuality and independence. The most common colour used in the indie circles style is brown, from the lightest shades such as beige to the darkest, such as toffee. These tones are often complemented with other colours such as black. Bombers, high-waisted and loose-fitting trousers and suede and denim fabrics are must-haves if you love this style.

Aesthetic indie look by Lookiero

Aesthetic indie look by Lookiero
Aesthetic indie look by Lookiero

Create an indie look with two basics: a black top and a pair of wide leg jeans in an indigo blue wash. Finish off the look with a very indie garment: the suede bomber jacket.

Aesthetic grunge style

look aesthetic grunge

Grunge is a slightly darker and more avant-garde style that dates back to the 90s. Plaid prints, fishnet tights, chains and military-style boots are some of the most popular items of clothing worn by lovers of this trend. When it comes to colours, cool tones such as greys and whites are essential for a true grunge look.

Aesthetic grunge look by Lookiero

Aesthetic grunge look by Lookiero
Aesthetic grunge look by Lookiero

Do you fancy wearing this style? Wear a pair of checked trousers in grey tones, a beige oversize sweatshirt and a pair of military boots.

Aesthetic space style

look aesthetic space

Space, stars and their mysteries guide the aesthetic space style. Very typical are constellation prints and drawings, NASA T-shirts and, without a doubt, shiny garments such as satin, metallic tones and accessories with golden details.

Look aesthetic space by Lookiero

look aesthetic space style
Look aesthetic space by Lookiero

Get a satin top and wear it with a pair of paper bag style jeans to add a more casual touch to the look. Add a handbag and some sneakers, and you will get an ideal outfit to wear it in both formal and informal contexts.

The aesthetic minimal style

Minimalist style explores the visual appeal of shapes, lines, textures and volumes. It is a style that plays with different shades of the same colour, different textures, contrasts and asymmetries.

Simplicity and neutral colours are a must of minimal style. Garments with straight lines and in white or black colours give a sophisticated finish to even the most minimal outfits.

Minimal aesthetic look by Lookiero

The aesthetic minimal style
Minimal aesthetic look by Lookiero

Celebrities who master the aesthetic look

As we said before, there are many aesthetics subcategories, each one with their own characteristics. There are some celebrities who embraced a specific aesthetic style, and now it defines their whole personality, as the following:

For example Olivia Rodrigo, despite her young age, tries to mix mainstream style with a retrò vibe typical of the 00’s, and now she has found the perfect balance to define her personal style.

Florence Welch looks like she’s straight out of the 70’s, but she has a modern edge that makes her looks so up-to-date and fashionable that her style can’t simply be defined as vintage.

Cara Delevigne is another good example. She embodies the grunge look and makes the 80’s/90’s punk rock movement great again

Finally, an example that shows how this style is not only inspired by the past, but also by the future: Doja Cat is the clearest example of a futuristic/spacey aesthetic that is becoming more and more popular lately.

We suggest you choose a black satin turtleneck top with subtle puff sleeves, which will add sophistication to the outfit, and wear it with jeans and trainers for a contrasting casual touch.

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