what is boho style

What is boho style?

One of the trendiest styles, with most following among the fashion world and the style that is most replicated. A style that is casual and relaxed, that came into our world passed the year 2000.

Boho style essentials

If we took a blender and put in a touch of ethnic, some countryside flare, a pinch of boho and hippie, a teaspoon of vintage, a couple of drops of grunge, a little country and we serve it in a relaxed style, we have the cocktail that perfectly represents boho style. 

boho outfit for autumn

Its a style that many of us now and love and this is why we want to go over some of the key features of this style for you to become an authentic boho style queen. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Boho chic clothing and accessories

The key items for a boho wardrobe:

  • Maxi dresses
  • Waistcoats,
  • Loose fitting clothes
  • Floral and ethnic prints
  • XXL jewelry
  • Lace and knitwear
  • Big floppy hats, maxi belts, faux leather bags or cross body bags
  • Boots and booties
  • Long unruly hair


A style that can be perfectly adapted to the cold winter days and is even more perfect for the summer weather.

boho outfit

Boho outfit for winter

The cold winter boho looks predominantly rely on knitwear. Don’t forget to add maxi scarfs, thick knitted jackets, bell bottom jeans and long dresses.

Our foolproof proposal? A floral print maxi dress in burgundy tones, knitted cardigan, suede boots and a wide hat, a camel coloured cross body bag and you are ready to enjoy any autumn day.

Boho outfit for spring

For spring and some hotter days along the year the best items to rely on to get your boho outfit is lace, shorts, waistcoats, printed scarves and fringe bags. 

boho outfit for summer

A perfect boho look for summer? Distressed denim shorts, a beige blouse with lace detailing, a brown fringe waistcoat. Suede booties, big sunglasses and a faux leather backpack, For accessories, as many rings and bracelets. A perfect look for the beach, having some drinks or even going to a festival.

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