What is the Boho /Bohemian Style and how do I wear it?

1 December, 2019

For some, the 70s might seem the decade of “anti-fashion” because of its bohemian and hippie influences that gave way to some over the top styles like disco, long beards and hair and wide flare trousers. Although it seems to wane from time to time, these influences continue to resurface in various forms.

Indeed, for their Spring/Summer 2020 collections houses like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Céline, Balmain, Chloé, Missoni and Gucci, among others brought back many aesthetics of the seventies drawing a lot of inspirations from boho style clothing.

What is the boho woman like?

Four traits of the boho woman are:

  • Creative
  • Free
  • Carefree
  • Rebellious: sets her own rules

Loves to mix colours, styles, vintage and new, textures, fabrics and accessories. The result will always be organic and natural but with a wild twist.

How did the boho style originate?

  • It started in France during the Second Empire in the Latin quarter of Paris. It was a reaction to the established bourgeois system characterized by capitalism and norms.
  • Bohemians were artists, intellectuals and writers who drew inspiration from the values and style of nomadic gipsies from the Bohemian region: Eastern Europe between Germany, Poland and Austria. They wanted to go against the norm, and they also had little economic resources.
  • In the middle of the 19th century, the Romantics took over.
  • In the sixties there was a worldwide reaction triggered by the Vietnam War and environmentalism. So the hippie movement was born and brought the spirit of the Boheme to our days.
  • This is why when we think of boho, we think of Woodstock and millennials reference (with its many differences) Coachella.

Boho style icons and boho types

  1. Boho-minimal: Jane Birking
  2. Boho-gipsy: Stevie nicks
  3. Boho-glam: Kate Moss
  4. Boho-british: Sienna Miller
  5. Boho-street: Erin Wasson
  6. Bho-hipster: Zoe Kravitz
  7. Florence Welch leader of the musical group Florence and The Machine embodies in image and essence the highest values of this style.

The boho checklist


  • Tops: full crochet, honeycomb chest with flared cut, crop tops with semi transparencies and embroidery.
  • Shirts/blouses: flowy, with Bardot neckline, ruffles, tassels, earth colours, floral motifs
  • Cardigan, ponchos: Chunky knit, puffed sleeves, oversized cut, ethnic print
  • Kimono: Flowy, semi-transparent, long or midi, floral print, batwing sleeve, with fringes, tassels, lace.

Boho skirts

  • Cut: Midi or maxi length with wrap cut, asymmetric or flared.
  • Fabric:Fluid with movement, ruffles, crochet.
  • Printed:Floral, ethnic, paisley.

Boho dresses:

  • Flowy fabrics: Linen, cotton, silk crochet details, lace, embroidery or fringes
  • Length, mid or maxi
  • Ruffles, flared sleeves, tassels
  • Patterns: paisley, ethnic, tie-dye, floral
  • Earth colours: white, ivory, beige, rust. Also: turquoise, pink, burgundy or black.

Trousers and jeans

  • Cut: A-line, palazzo, baggie, culotte, short.
  • Fabric: Denim (frayed and faded), elastic, fine and flowy.
  • Printed: floral, ethnic, paisley.

Bohemian accessories

These can include wide brimmed hats, maxi belts, long necklaces & peace symbols. Maxi earrings with feathers and colours stones, colourful bracelets; hair accessories (beaded braids, paisley scarves), feathers, sandals and country boots.

How to wear the boho style?

  • Monochromatic looks in earth tones, whites, greens. Wear layers of different lengths and in various shades of the same hue or different colours.
  • Balance volumes and patterns.
  • Don’t wear loud patterns and heavy detailing around the neck and shoulders.
  • Don’t wear tight trousers and narrow hemlines
  • Over the top looks: the first bohemians were artists with an eye for aesthetics; this and their personalities must coexist in harmony.
  • mitations of fabric, garments or materials. Get the real deal! Look around in your mother’s wardrobe or even in your partner’s and you will find some cool, original items to play with; forget the fake.
  • Draw the attention to your legs.
  • Choose styles that add volume to hips and leg line.

How to wear the Boho look during the spring and summer seasons

Embrace carefree silhouettes like tiered tops & peasant blouses with lace details. Bell-bottom or flared trousers, button-front skirts and flowing maxi dresses with florals and embroidered details.

Let’s say for instance you may wear flared jeans with ruffled blouse and top off the look with bohemian statement accessories like a wicker basket a fringed bag, cork wedges or a brimmed raffia hat.

How to wear the Boho look during the fall and winter seasons

Try and ethnic Cardigan or poncho, flared jeans or suede ankle boots.
Long dresses, oversized jumpers, cowboy boots, hats and a maxi scarves. It’s all about layering smartly and adding a few boho touches.

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Joni Bunting;
20 April, 2021
Lovely beauty chic @ boho
Susan monk;
29 April, 2021
Hi, love this look but due to my height I can't wear wide leg trousers. Also being big busted I can't wear high neck or ruffle shoulders n necklines. I prefer v neck and flow from under the bust. Feminine. With chunky boots and jackets
29 April, 2021
Loving the styles
Jayne Whitworth;
26 May, 2021
I like Alex Jones style and Fern Cotton

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