What is boho style and how to wear it? Lookiero

What is boho style and how to wear it?

27 September, 2022

The boho look is one of the most imitated and repeated by fashion lovers. It’s the perfect blend of romanticism, comfort and originality.

A boho woman possesses a very personal style despite being defined as a type of look, as its characteristics are always unique to each person: creativity, freedom, relaxation and her own rules. Here we are talking about a woman who dares to mix colours, seasons, styles, fabrics, accessories… But always resulting in an organic and natural look with a wild character.

How did boho style originated?

Obviously, it was born in Paris by the hand of artists, intellectuals and writers who did not hesitate to be inspired by the style of the nomadic Romanies from the Bohemian region of Eastern Europe. You can see where the name comes from, can’t you?

In the mid-19th century, the Romantics took the baton and in the 1960s, with the Vietnam War as a trigger, the hippie movement ended up completing a style that has survived to the present day, adapting to the fashion mood of each decade. Who would have thought that Woodstock would end up becoming Coachella in the hands of the millenials?

How to get the perfect bohemian look?

Lookiero’s Personal Shoppers bring you five tips that will be the key to achieve a boho look with style and success. Take note!

  • Go for rustic and handmade touches with linen, denim, suede or crochet pieces. Patchwork and fringes are also a bet that you can take into account.
  • Long, flowing cuts that add movement to the free spirit of the boho style are always a good option. Skirts, dresses, overalls, blouses and kimonos are key garments in a boho wardrobe.
  • In terms of colour, the palette runs from tan-brown to indigo blue.
  • Accessories in bohemian style are no longer complements, they become key pieces in any look: hats, bags, cowboy boots… The more exotic and authentic the better, so make room in your suitcase and make the most of your travels to build up your wardrobe.
  • Clothes with country, mediaeval, hippy or even historicist touches are simply perfect! We are talking about skirts, thai sarongs, uniform jackets and even ponchos, that combined with basic garments will give you spectacular looks!
  • Monochromatic looks in earth tones, whites, greens. Wear layers of different lengths and in various shades of the same hue or different colours.
  • Balance volumes and patterns.
  • Don’t wear loud patterns and heavy detailing around the neck and shoulders.
  • Don’t wear tight trousers and narrow hemlines
  • Over the top looks: the first bohemians were artists with an eye for aesthetics; this and their personalities must coexist in harmony.
  • mitations of fabric, garments or materials. Get the real deal! Look around in your mother’s wardrobe or even in your partner’s and you will find some cool, original items to play with; forget the fake.
  • Draw the attention to your legs.
  • Choose styles that add volume to hips and leg line.

Boho chic garments and accessories

Like every style, this one has its preferences in terms of clothing, and in the case of the boho style, skirts, dresses, waistcoats and flared jeans are the most iconic pieces of an authentic bohemian look.
If we talk about accessories, here the range of possibilities opens up: hats, maxi belts, necklaces, big earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, feathers, flats, country boots… Here the options are countless, and this is something that we love!

Boho style tops and blouses

Any versatile boho wardrobe contains at least one of these blouses and tops:

  • Printed blouses: these are a must for boho style. Opt for flowery or geometric designs, the bigger, the better. These give a “70s vibe”, so they are ideal for this style. The fabric should be flowy, and you can play with transparencies. Choose earth tones and particular necklines, with ruffles, for example.
  • Crochet tops: these are perfect especially for summer season. Crochet and macramé tops give your look a romantic vibe, and you may pair them with either your favourite denim or a printed skirt, with great results in both cases.
  • Denim shirts: it might seem a casual item, but have you ever tried to wear a denim shirt with a printed flowy skirt? That is an ideal and easy ethnic look! Plus, they are super versatile: you can wear them with trousers, leave them open with a top under, or tie them on your waist to enhance the silhouette.

Boho chic skirts

Skirts are the star piece of any bohemian look. Here are the ones you can’t miss in your wardrobe.

  • Midi skirts: if you want to embrace the Boho style in its purest form, you should have a midi skirt in your wardrobe. And not any midi skirt, but the ones with the buttons on the front, high-waisted and without any print. Choose earth tones like rust, brown or a lighter colour like ecru, and you can wear them with pretty much anything.
  • Mini skirts: for the ones who like to show legs, this kind of skirts are fantastic, especially during summer. A flowery print here is mandatory, and even better if they are small and super colourful. Match them with a crop top, and you’re ready!
  • Denim skirts: this item comes from the casual style too, but combined with printed shirts makes a classic boho look. Complete the outfit with Texan boots and a bag with fringes: a super trendy combination!

Bohemian dresses

Dresses are the most versatile garment no matter your style. For a boho look, we have selected the ones that are an absolute must-haves:

  • Maxi dresses: the maxi dress is the quintessential item for the boho style. Choose maxi prints, flowers, ethnic, paisley, tie-dye and, of course the colours of nature. Opt for natural and flowy fabrics, such as cotton and linen, and remember that the more details the better! Ruffles, particular necklines, balloon sleeves, lace details… Everything goes!
  • Wrap dresses: could be both mini or midi, printed or solid colour. Just like with maxi dresses, details are not optional: they are, in fact, the main focus if you want to dress according to boho style.
  • Denim dresses: a versatile and practical option that can be worn in summer but also in spring and autumn. All you have to do is wear a t-shirt under the dress, and you’ll create a layered and original look!

Trousers and jeans for a bohemian look

Boho style is not only made of dresses and skirts. Choose these bottoms to be part of your bohemian looks:
Denim: jeans are the base for almost any style, but the important thing is to choose the right shape for each one. In the case of bohemian style, flared and boot cut are the ones you should go for. Plus they are super flattering, and look quite stylish when combined with a printed blouse!
Printed trousers: if you’re not the type to wear skirts, don’t worry: printed trousers will do the same effect! Choose flowy fabrics and opt for the most eye-catching prints: maxi flowers, paisley or ethnic prints are good examples. If you are feeling daring, match them with printed blouses and mix prints, but if you want to opt for a more basic look, a neutral top will do just fine.
Paper bags: super comfortable and practical, this model is for everyone. The safest bet would be a paper bag in an earth tone, such as beige or camel. Pair it with a printed blouse tucked in the pants to enhance the silhouette and make the legs look longer.

Boho accessories and shoewear

A boho outfit is not complete until you add the right amount of accessories to the equation. In Lookiero we tell you which ones to invest in.

  • Fringe bags: a fantastic accessory to complete all your looks. Even if you wear a basic outfit, this item will immediately give a bohemian vibe and make it look special. The colour is your choice, but it may be more practical to go with a neutral one to match it to as many looks as you can!
  • Boots: it doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, boots can never leave the wardrobe of a real boho style fan. They go great with denim, but also with dresses! Opt for Texan models, both high or ankle length, and for suede as the main material.
  • Foulards: always stylish accessory for summer that will give your look a cool twist. Wrap your head in them and let them be the main attraction of your outfit: opt for big, colourful prints that won’t go unnoticed.

How to master boho style at any age

Whatever your age is, you can easily adapt this style using the core items we’ve showed you so far and mixing them to create your unique look!

Boho look ideas if you are in your 30s

In your 30s, you can experiment more with different textures and prints. We suggest this look composed by a printed midi skirt and a pullover with details that make it super feminine and original. We completed the outfit with suede boots and a hat.

Boho look inspiration for your 40s

For this look, we got inspiration from the queen of boho chic style, Florence Welch. We suggest pairing a super simple and feminine slip dress with a printed kimono. To finish off the look: white boots and a bag with fringes, a must!

Boho look to wear in your 50s

If you want to keep it simple but always have a touch that makes your look stand out, there’s one fashion icon you should take inspiration from: Sienna Miller. The outfit we chose to draw inspiration from is composed of loose fit denim, super comfortable to wear every day, and a printed blouse. To round off the outfit, go with sneakers and a pouch in contrast colour.

The best bohemian outfit to wear in the 60s

You want to add a rock touch to your boho look? Don’t worry, we have the right inspiration for you! Copy this look from the fashion queen Kate Moss and you can’t go wrong. Pair your favourite black denim with a simple plain top, and add a printed short kimono. Then, complete the look with black boots with some rock details on them, like studs and buckles.

Bohemian looks for every season

Boho style adapts to any season and weather. In Lookiero we have selected 4 outfits to inspire you.

A boho look for autumn/winter

Who said maxi dresses can’t be used in cold months? Just wear them with a biker jacket or a long coat and complete the look with boots. You’ll have a comfortable outfit but still very trendy and cold proof!

A boho look for spring/summer

When the weather is warmer it allows us to play around more with colours and transparencies. Wear your mini skirts with crop tops combined with espadrilles or your favourite sandals. Crochet bags are a must as well as foulards, hats, sunglasses and all the accessories you can think of!

Are you looking for a boho piece to boost your style? Are you more into casual looks, but feel like trying a boho outfit to get out of your comfort zone? Tell your Personal Shopper! She’ll make sure to include the right pieces for you in your next box.

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Joni Bunting;
20 April, 2021
Lovely beauty chic @ boho
Susan monk;
29 April, 2021
Hi, love this look but due to my height I can't wear wide leg trousers. Also being big busted I can't wear high neck or ruffle shoulders n necklines. I prefer v neck and flow from under the bust. Feminine. With chunky boots and jackets
29 April, 2021
Loving the styles
Jayne Whitworth;
26 May, 2021
I like Alex Jones style and Fern Cotton

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