What Exactly is Layering?

What Exactly is Layering?

13 January, 2021

So, what exactly is layering? When did it come about? And how can you make it an effortless part of your style? Let’s look at the history of layering, from its ‘80s origin to today’s ‘20s styles, particularly in winter looks. We’ll give you the layering rulebook, with some do’s-and-don’ts to create cosy, stylish winter looks.

What is Layering?

It’s the perfect technique to fend off winter weather while looking put together and fashionable. Forget chunky coats and bulky looks, you can combine jumpers, vests and jackets to create great outfits that are ready for anything as the temperatures drop. Mix anything from base to mid layers, and all kinds of outerwear. It’s your opportunity to unleash your creativity, to mix styles, patterns, materials and cuts so you won’t stick to the same old big coat. It’s time to explore new looks and to be warm and stylish this season!

When did layering start?

Some say layering was inspired by outdoor-clothing companies, who were the first to bring the concept to the outdoors community. But, the idea of combining lots of lighter pieces rather than a few heavier ones goes back further than that.

You can see its influence in mid-century military uniforms as a source. In 1943, the US Military introduced an experimental new uniform kit. The M-43 boasted a wool undershirt, a long-sleeved, flannel shirt, and a jumper.

It was a new approach to functionality, style and warmth and it quickly grew in popularity. Breaking free of its military heritage, it was embraced by civilian fashionistas all over the world.

Rooted in the aesthetics of the ‘80s, layering got a big lift when many actresses wore t-shirts under dresses. Iconic actress Brooke Shields did so much to spread this now-hugely popular trend.

Your Layering do’s and don’ts

Make an effort to use monochrome layers to create elegant and sober outfits. You can fall back on safe bets like navy, grey, or beige. Avoid wearing too many oversized pieces – like baggy trousers, big jumpers and chunky coats.
Play around with the cut and shape of your pieces to highlight your silhouette: combine oversized and slim cuts for a flattering play of proportions. Stay away from too many different patterns in the same outfit, they’ll cause a clash.
Combine fabrics like wool, leather, and suede to see some interplay among textures. Keep your layers similar in length to craft a more harmonious and intentional outfit.


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looks layering
looks layering
Rene Lindsay;
19 January, 2021
No skirts or leather. I will soon be 66 needs classy look. I remember wearing layers in the early 70's to school. I lived in CA so a long sleeve t-shirt and a short sleeved pullover. I loved it. Since moving to England I have learned to add a blazer or a warm jumper. So glad the look will not age me

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