What is the minimal style?

1 December, 2020

Less is more. This is the phrase that rules the look of this style. Go back to the basics and get rid of unnecessary ornamentation and decorations to let the quality of the fabrics, neutral colours and simple cuts take centre stage.

The minimalist woman is

  • Sobre
  • Elegant
  • Timeless
  • Opts for simplicity

The origins of the minimalistic style

After several decades of excesses and eccentricity in fashion with over the top shapes and trends, the 90s gave way to a new and clean aesthetic. The new styles focused on the purity and simplicity of geometric lines and proportions, simple cuts and balanced silhouettes.

Some of the first minimalist fashions began to emerge in the late 80s thanks to great Japanese designers like Yohi Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo. They both favoured total black looks, garment deconstruction and a clean focus on the oversized silhouette. The purity of the lines and its unabashed simplicity characterize the traditional concept of Japanese beauty.

Meanwhile in Europe, designers like Helmut Lang, Jil Sander and Martin Margiela incubated the minimalist trend depicting a natural, sophisticated and timeless woman wearing impeccable cuts and innovative materials. In the United States names like Calvin Klein or Donna Karan pioneered the aesthetic soon after.

What is the minimalist style like?

Minimalism is inspired by a cosmopolitan woman who seeks functionality and practicality without giving up sophistication. For instance, there is a clear nod to this that went viral in the New York of the 90s: women showing up in impeccable office looks wearing trainers and switching to stilettos before entering the workplace.

These women matched their masculine suits, which consisted of jackets and oversized and asymmetric cuts with impeccably clean dresses, skirts and even jeans.
The first, was characteristic of the European minimalist designers while the jeans at the workplace idea was pushed by American designers who created the perfect casual wardrobe for the American urban girl.

When leaving the excesses on the side, cuts and quality of fabrics become key:

  • Pure lines
  • Movement of garments
  • Texture combinations
  • Volume and proportion.
  • Colour
  • The quality of fabrics. Use silk, organza or cashmere mixed with cotton, denim or innovative synthetic fabrics to achieve that perfect mix between practicality and elegance.

How to wear the minimalist style?

Straight Jeans

A must-have in the wardrobe of every woman.

White shirt

A timeless garment with infinite possibilities. Opt for a different twist with s details on the buttons or its fabric instead of the rigid, fitted version.


The perfect garment to elevate a t-shirt & jeans outfit. Choose a neutral tone with a straight cut that provides versatility

Slip Dress

An iconic fashion item of the 90s that should not be missing in your wardrobe. Try one with a bias cut to further enhance your silhouette.


A fitted jumper is a basic that works perfectly with wide trousers to create a contrast of volumes.

Tailored jacket

Thanks to the power-dressing trend linked to minimalism, the masculine office jacket will make you feel sexy and sophisticated.

Plain t-shirt

It’s that simple. Get it in white, grey or black.

Midi skirt

Soft and with little volume to make layering with shirts and jumpers easy and stylish.


A comfortable and easy to wear garment that only needs the right footwear to yield impressive results.

Trench Coat

An essential elegant piece that plays with the notion masculinity that characterizes the minimal style.

The black and white mix

100% style success ensured. This basic pairing never goes wrong.

Natural makeup and hair

Let your outfit take centre stage by keeping hair and makeup simple and letting your skin glow naturally.


Jewellery in gold tones with an arty touch and simple, quality bags that stand out for their special and different designs.

Ugly shoes

Weird and different footwear becomes something sophisticated thanks to minimalism today. Think Marni’s fussbett sandals, for example. The squared shape and simplicity adds to the sophistication of the look.

Dos and Don’ts of the Minimal style

  • Abuse prints. Keep them to a minimum.
  • Use excess; it’s the opposite of a minimal look.
  • Wear too many garments or accessories as it undermines the authenticity of a simple but effective look.
  • Mix textures! For example, a delicate satin skirt with a knit jumper.
  • Invest in timeless pieces. Go for with unique, clean cuts that add versatility and elegance to your style.
  • Use colour correctly. Let neutral hues be the protagonists in your outfits and add a little touches of colour with a few accessories

Minimal style icons

  • Carolyn Bessette: The wife of JK Kennedy managed to perfectly capture the discreet luxury of minimalism. Her way of mixing low-cost clothes with some of the most prestigious brands in the world created that casual and relaxed style which is chic and elegant at the same time.
  • Christy Turlington: As one Calvin Klein’s muses of the 90s, her image stood as the epitome of low-key style.
  • Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen: Their long curly manes, simple makeup with Goth touches and their passion for black have turned the Olsen twins into icons with a stamp of their own identity. Later they translated their minimal style into their label The Row, which is a very successful refined New York brand.
  • Pernille Teisbaek: Undisputed star of street style. The Danish beauty has captivated thousands of followers thanks to her way of introducing the main trends season after season without giving up her relaxed and simple Scandinavian style.
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    Kim Skilling;
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    I like the minimal bright look and also like flower print I am willing to try different things as seem to be stuck in a rut of jeans and T-shirt most days

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