What is the romantic style?

12 October, 2020

When thinking of romantic styles, we envision a dreamy woman with her hair in the wind wearing a floaty dress. She’s femenine, free-spirited, loves ruffles, and pretty florals.

How did the romantic style come about?

  • Romantic styles have been around since ancient Greek times and became especially popular in the 19th during the Victorian era. Indeed, fashion quickly became all about high waistlines, sleek silhouettes, french lace, embellishment, embroideries, and billowing sleeves.
  • Later, in the 1970s, romanticism made a strong comeback through the vision of British designer Laura Ashley who founded her eponymous textile design company. It came at a time when modernism was at the center of everything. When fashion was very structured and geometric, Laura Ashley’s designs offered a dreamy escape to a worry-free past

There’s just something about spring which evokes that feeling of wanting to wear cute and floaty outfits! So if you want to master the romantic style without, quite literally, looking like you just came out of a Jane Austin novel, read on!

Characteristics of the romantic style

This style is easy and practical to pull off for the spring/summer. Indeed, the silhouettes are so easy that they are perfect for a meet-up up with friends, grabbing lunch with your family, or even simply hanging out on your balcony! The key to creating the romantic look is in simple, dainty details.

  • Fabrics & Textures
  • Choose natural fabrics like cotton and linen as these fall softly giving a more natural and relaxed feel to the look.

  • Shapes & Cuts
  • Opt for diaphanous and draped shapes instead of clean and geometrical cuts. Remember, our goal is to create a smooth and silky-looking silhouette.

  • Embellishments
  • As mentioned above, the romantic style is all about details; any item with a touch of embroidery, lace and ruffle details will be essential.

  • Colour Palette
  • Shades of light hues predominate in the classic romantic style; however pastels and warm neutrals work really well too!

Your must-haves to achieve a romantic look

  • The floaty blouse
  • The blouse is at the center of every woman’s romantic wardrobe and represents the essence of femininity. Try a print with delicate florals or a plain blouse with details on buttons, collars, cuffs, and embellished with ruffles and bows.

How to wear the romantic blouse

One option is to go for a plain style that is embellished with delicate embroideries or ruffles. If you’re a fan of prints, choose a pared down and simple floral pattern. You can take the romantic look a step further by pairing it with a flowing skirt, or style it with your favourite jeans for a more subtle and modern look.

  • The romantic dress
  • The dress is probably the most iconic romantic garment. It’s usually long, floaty, and has dainty florals, embroidery or lace.

    How to wear the romantic dress

    The romantic dress comes in countless forms and styles. If you prefer something more jazzy and long, go for a floaty and printed midi dress (left). You can modernise it with cool trainers and a biker jacket, or colour coordinate the look with pumps in a fun hue. If you love the classic and elegant style, an A-line lace dress is a good choice for you! It is flattering, modest and still a great option for work and after work plans!

  • The Midi Skirt
  • Just like the dress, the skirt has always been an essential part of womenswear, exuding romanticism and femininity like few other wardrobe essentials.

    How to wear the romantic skirt

    The romantic midi skirt can be worn in many different ways: grunge it up with a graphic tee and a biker jacket, or embrace your most feminine side with a camisole and pumps.

    Do’s and Dont’s of the romantic look

    • Wear romantic clothes that don’t suit your silhouette. Be careful with the volume of ruffles, choose carefully where to wear them.
    • Wear too many dark colours, they kill the romance. Nothing wrong with gothic, but it’s not what we’re going for.
    • Mix romantic pieces with basics like denim, trainers, tank tops, t-shirts, a denim jacket or an army style parka.
    • Elevate your game with bags. Wicker (and not raffia) are an excellent choice and way better than carrying a basket.

    Romantic Fashion icons

    • Elle Fanning.
    • Her blonde locks and dreamy prairie-inspired dresses always get the style on point. Do use her as reference when pairing a headband with impeccable floral frocks.

    • Rooney Mara
    • If there’s a way to pull off the romantic look with a bit of an edge, this is your girl to watch. Burgundy lips paired with impeccable white lace or an asymmetric jacket over ruffles is how she keeps it romantic but daring.

    • Keira Knightley
    • It’s no surprise this British beauty has been in a slew of Jane Austen movie adaptations. In real life whether it’s a Valentino hand-embroidered floral gown or a Burberry puff sleeve number she’s the epitome of romance.

    Looking for runway inspiration? Don’t miss Valentino, Rochas, Nina Richi and of course British designer Erdem for the dreamiest incarnations of the romantic style. Now all you need is a bit of creativity and the tips of you Personal Shopper on how to pull it off!

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