Wide feet? Discover the ideal summer shoes for you

Wide feet? Discover the ideal summer shoes for you

27 April, 2022

The warmer temperatures of the last few weeks are inviting us to change our footwear for lighter fabrics and more exposed skin. If you want to know which ones you can’t miss in your collection, read on.

Surely by now you’ve already made the seasonal wardrobe change and your hangers have been filled with dresses and flowing and colourful skirts to welcome the good weather. Now you just need to dress your feet according to these amazing spring looks.

However, if you’re more of a wide-footed person, you may be putting off this purchase because it’s hard to find styles that look flattering and comfortable. Don’t worry, our Personal Shoppers come to the rescue to show you the most versatile and comfy styles for this spring-summer season.

How do you know if you have wide feet?

Before we get into specific models for wide feet, the first thing you need to know is whether you belong to this typology.

Wide feet are more common than we think and often cause problems when it comes to choosing shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. If this is your case, you may have found shoes that fit you well in length but with which you have to bear a lot of pressure on the sides.

You may have noticed that the front part of your feet is wider than the rest and that the length of your toes is not very harmonic: the hallux and the two following toes are almost the same size, while the rest are much shorter.

If you’ve just looked down and this is your case, keep reading, because here you have all the tips to choose the right shoe for your wide feet.

How to choose the perfect summer shoes for wide feet


  • Ankle boots: choose suede or leather, their soft material adapts to the movement of your feet.
  • Loafers: give freedom of movement without injuries.
  • Trainers: keep the foot supported while still being super comfortable.


  • Shoes with thin straps
  • Synthetic materials: they are not soft enough to fit your feet
  • Square or pointed toe shoes
calzdo no recomendable para pies anchos

  1. Flats, for a feminine touch
  2. Why choose this type of shoe?

    Flats in leather are ideal for wide feet thanks to their soft material. It adapts to the movement of your feet and gives them the space they need to breathe.

    look with flat shoes

    Your spring-summer look with flats

    Pair them with your favourite jeans, a colourful blouse and a biker. Flat shoes will give your look a classic yet feminine touch.

  3. Wide-soled sandals, the easy option
  4. Why is this type of shoe ideal?

    Wide-soled sandals are ideal to round off your summer or spring look. They are comfortable and go perfectly with any lightweight fabric trousers, skirt or dress.

    sandals for wide feet

    Your spring-summer look with wide-soled sandals

    This type of shoe goes great with minimal and casual looks. Wear your sandals with printed cotton trousers, a cotton shirt and a yellow biker to give that fresh and colourful touch to the look and voila!

  5. Mules, for your most elegant version
  6. Why do we like this type of shoe?

    Mules are as comfortable as flip-flops or clogs but much more elegant. Their wide heels, moreover, are the best option to give you stability and add a plus of comfort to stand up to any plan that you propose this season.

    Your spring-summer look with mules

    Do you want to give a boho and modern touch to your outfits? Try wearing your mules with a maxi skirt and a printed top in bright colours. In spring, you can wear a denim jacket on top – you’ll look great!

    As you can see, there is no style issue that a good professional can’t solve. Take advantage of your Personal Shopper expertise and prepare your complete looks (footwear included) with Lookiero for an unconstrained summer!

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