How to Create a 10 Piece Winter Capsule Wardrobe?

10 January, 2020

Have you ever tried having a capsule wardrobe? It’s super easy and a total time saver! Having some key go-to pieces handy will ensure that you have simple but stylish outfit solutions when you need to dress up for the cold quickly and efficiently.

What’s more, the winter can be long and you don’t want to be stocking up your wardrobe with pieces that aren’t practical. Here we’re giving you all of our best tips and clothing ideas to begin building a super functional 10 piece capsule wardrobe for winter.

  1. Check print cloth coat
    print cloth winter coat
    This classic is a failsafe option for almost any outfit. It works with jeans dresses, skirts and its grey colour offers almost infinite options for mixing and matching.

  3. Mid length puffer
    mid length puffer
    The puffer coat is one of the best ways to stay warm and in style. This length also ensures extra protection against the cold, while still giving you mobility. You can’t go wrong with it.

  5. High-waisted skinny jeans
    High-waisted skinny jeans
    This type of jean can be flattering and easy to style for both daytime or a night out. It helps to elongate your torso and make your waist look smaller, giving you a well balanced, lengthy silhouette.

  7. Paperbag waist trousers
    paperbag waist trousers
    It’s one of the most flattering trousers you’ll ever wear. The waist cinched in by a belt enhances your figure, while the wide legs fall straight down, creating an elegant silhouette. This shade of green it will make your outfit pop during grey winter days.

  9. Leather effect mini
    We love this skirt because its versatile and perfect for winter’s changing weather. Pair it with a top that is a bit more conservative, such as a button-down blouse, or layer it with a blazer or wool jacket to keep it cosy.

  11. Pleated Midi Skirt
    Pleated Midi Skirt
    In a print or a solid colour, this wardrobe staple can be worn in a myriad of ways for any occasion. Wear it with a cute t-shirt and trainers for a casual look, or match it with feminine tops and sexy heels to make it more elegant.

  13. Long-sleeved t-shirt with a Perkins neck
    Long-sleeved t-shirt with a Perkins neck
    The extra arm-length is great for warmth and also lends this piece more versatility. Pair it with light wash denim and layer it under your coat or a jacket for instant elegance. To make it more fun and casual, go for one of the graphic styles.

  15. Chunky knit in earth tones
    Chunky knit in earth tones
    Super warm and and cosy this essential knitwear piece will keep you well-dressed and comfortable at all times during the coldest winter days. It’s earthy hue makes it super easy to match with practically anything in your wardrobe.

  17. The Black turtleneck
    The Black turtleneck
    Need we explain this one? It’s black, it’s warm and an essential winter piece. It’s one of those pieces that serves as a canvas to play around with the rest of your wardrobe. Just get one! You will need it!

  19. Print bow blouse
    Print bow blouse
    This stylish blouse detailed with a print and an elegant neck tie is all you need to look dressed up and chic, either for the office, or the day to day. Skirts, jeans and all kinds of trousers work with it. Don’t hesitate to play around with different pieces!

Two casual outfit ideas

  1. Skinny Jean + Chunky knit + puffer coat
  2. The skinny jean and the chunky knit in an earth tone is a classic combination that can work for any day plan. Throw on the black puffer coat and you’re ready to beat the cold in style.

  3. Leather skirt + Perkins neck tee + black puffer
  4. This is slick and sexy all black look has got you covered for the day all the way into the night, no need to go home and change, unless you want to glam it up with heels.

Two formal outfit ideas for the winter

  1. Paper waist bag trousers+ Print shirt + check coat
  2. This classy combo goes well for a formal dinner or any dressed-up occasion.

  3. Pleated skirt + black turtleneck
  4. This is a foolproof outfit to nail an effortless chic and trendy look. Plus it works with almost any coat. You’ll look fabulous!


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