Winter work outfits to beat the cold

21 November, 2019

Dressing for the office when the temperatures go down can kill our sartorial inspiration. Hey, we can’t blame you for wishing your duvet and Uggs were acceptable workwear, dealing with freezing cold wind and slushy streets is no fun when you have to commute.

But don’t despair, we guarantee we can make the winter much better with the right garments and a little colour. So read on to get some inspiration on how to put together winter work outfits that are warm, stylish and professional.

  1. The Tailored Suit
  2. You just cannot go wrong with a well-tailored suit as winter workwear. Instead of the typical pinstripes, go for this rich, burnt orange hue to take it up a notch. Layer it over your favourite white blouse and cream jumper for contrast. Then cinch the blazer with a trendy belt or add a foulard for a pop of fun.
    The Tailored Suit office outfit

  3. The Pencil Skirt
  4. A pencil skirt exudes femininity, try one with Prince of Wales plaid print and make it pop with a burgundy blazer (hint: it’s the colour of the season). Of course, don the knit of choice to wear underneath the jacket, beige (as pictured) looks fantastic, but navy or black will also do the trick.
    The Pencil Skirt

  5. The camel coat
  6. The camel coat is a key piece that will look good layered over all your cold weather looks. A no fail formula? Try it over a light blue button-down blouse and play the monochrome game with navy trousers. Feel free to add extra details like a foulard and your favourite accessory.
    The camel coat

  7. A Twist On The Plaid Blazer
  8. Try boxy plaid blazer over a black turtleneck then don some colour onto the legs with this burnt orange trouser to make the outfit pop. Don’t forget to accessorize with a bag in the hue of the season: burgundy of course!
    A Twist On The Plaid Blazer


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