How to combine terracotta in your outfits

How to combine terracotta in your outfits

5 October, 2022

If you want to look super chic, without dressing up, earth tones are ideal shades for your outfit. Start by exploring the whole range of dull reds, which almost seem to tend towards pink, such as brick, tobacco, brown and rust.

These warm nuances are perfect for autumn because they mirror the leaves’ colours in this season, and they do great both in total looks and to add a warm touch to basic and neutral outfits in print or accessories. Unlike other colour families, earth tones are naturally complementary. This characteristic makes styling super easy, so much so that it’s possible to wear four different shades at the same time without it looking gaudy. The main rule to avoid mistakes? Always mix light and dark tones.

inspo color terracotta

Today, we give you 3 different and super versatile shades to choose from for your looks, and how to combine these tones with other colours, from the most neutral to the bolder ones.

3 must-have earth tones

Terracotta is a warm, soft colour, which reminds us of the colour of roof tiles. Its intermediate shade makes it ideal to combine with all kinds of earthy colours, both light and more intense, including these 3 trendy colours for this autumn-winter.

  1. Rust
  2. The warmest of these shades, that tends to orange. It’s a fantastic choice for Autumn women, and is reminiscent of the 70s vibes of a boho chic look. Choose it to spice up a neutral look, matching a rust accessory with a total ecru outfit. Or bring the spotlight on it, opting for an ethnic print all over your maxi dress.


  3. Russet
  4. This nuance tends more to brown, but it still has an orange undertone that makes it warm and reassuring. This shade goes beautifully with blue, in particular with classic denim: the natural blue of the denim canvas enhances the undertone of this particular shade.

    Russet coleur

  5. Brown
  6. Definitely one of the must-have colours for this autumn/winter. In particular, the chocolate shade. Opt for a total look, maybe a leather dress or a denim brown jumpsuit, and then add a pop of colour: lime, Barbie pink, red… Feel free to get daring with this one!


Which colours go best with earth tones

As we said, earth tones go well with each other, mixing the lighter tones with the darker ones to create layered and super chic outfits. But, what makes these shades great is that they can be mixed with anything: from the classic black and white to the bolder tones, you can have fun and find the perfect combination for you!

A stone on the road: earth tones with grey

This combination is always a good choice for classic outfits. For example, if you want to find an alternative for your usual office looks, throw in some browns!

Choose a dress in an earth tone, according to what suits you best. Then, add a simple grey coat –who doesn’t own one?– and finish the look with combat boots to give it a masculine twist!

Natural like you: earth tones and green

Green and earth tones are a match made in heaven. Which green, you ask? You may go for olive green, for example, as it’s a shade derived from nature. Or you could choose petrol green, if you want to be bolder.

The look we suggest makes for an amazing outfit for autumn/early winter. It combines light brown trousers –you can opt for denim or corduroy ones– and a super soft green pullover. The choice of items itself might seem simple, but the colour combination will make the look automatically special.

A ray of autumnal sunshine: earthy tones and yellow

This combo is for the most daring women. Yellow could be defined as a bolder version of the lighter earth tones, so it follows that combining them would look fabulous.

Get the depth your looks need: earth tones and blue

Yet another combination to revitalise your classic outfits: earth tones paired with blue. For your casual looks, you can just substitute blue with a denim element, as this will make the look funner and sportier, but still stylish.

Taking inspiration from this outfit by Gilda Ambrosio, we suggest you combine a rust-coloured midi skirt instead of her trousers, and a blue light pullover: a must for everyone’s wardrobe. A mini bag in lighter tones will complete the look perfectly!

Earth tones for each colourimetry

Fortunately, nature provides us with an infinite number of earth tones rich in nuances. Take a look at the recommendations of our Personal Shoppers to find the perfect for your colourimetry. Still not sure about yours? Check out our Colourimetry section and find out what are those characteristics that make you unique.

Of course, these shades are an excellent choice for warm skins. In particular, Autumn women look great with a darker and almost reddish shade that enhances their natural colours. Proof is this dress Julienne Moore wore: she looks amazing, and this warm red brings out all the auburn shades of her hair.

autumn colourimetry earth tones

Spring women should opt for a brighter and lighter shade, like a beige highlighted by a touch of gold. It’s the case of Cameron Diaz: her skin is glowing with this dress, and it looks perfect paired with gold accessories.

spring colourimetry earth tones

Even if these shades come mostly in the warm side of the spectrum, we can play with different tones to obtain colder colours that can suit Winter women too. Darker shades that almost tend to a purple red are ideal. It’s the case of young Winona Ryder in this picture, who chose a beautiful shade of burgundy for her look.

winter colourimetry earth tones

Summer women can enhance their looks with a lighter shade that tends to champagne tones. This is an elegant choice of colour, perfect for the most formal situations, especially if you choose materials like silk. Jessica Biel in this amazing dress is a fantastic example

summer colourimetry earth tones

This autumn, explore all the possibilities of terracotta and the other earth tones in your wardrobe. Create with your Personal Shopper original and flattering looks that will make you feel like never before in your skin.

Let our Personal Shoppers help you find the perfect style
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