Beast Fabrics to Beat the Heat

Beast Fabrics to Beat the Heat

10 July, 2020

This time of the year when temperatures are hitting all-time highs, it’s essential to adapt our wardrobes accordingly. For this reason, wearing garments made of the right materials will allow us to stay fresh and comfortable without sacrificing great style in the process.

Indeed, if you want to look trendy this season without feeling overheated, read on! We’ve just got the fabrics for you!


It is one of the best-known fabrics for staying fresh with maximum breathability. Together with cotton, it’s undoubtedly one of the most versatile fibers available. It’s great for absorbing humidity and keeping you cool.

However, it wrinkles easily as it’s a delicate fabric. For this reason, we recommended that you wash it by hand or in the washing machine inside a wash bag using cold and no spin cycles.
jumpsuit linen
We’re super keen on culottes and jumpsuits in linen for their effortlessness and style. Pair them with a raffia bag and strappy sandals in camel for an ideal look for a summer afternoon.


Lyocell or Tencel is a plant-based fibre which has become very popular among luxury and high street labels alike. This buttery-soft textile is very similar to cotton, but it’s synthetic and biodegradable as it is obtained from different plants like eucalyptus.

It is a breathable, soft and fresh fabric since it absorbs moisture preventing bodily odor. It’s easier to care for than linen and made from recycled products; something that we love.

lyocell shirt

Don’t go this summer without an ecru paper bag high-waisted shorts and a floral ruffle top. Throw on a borsalino hat and roman sandals for the chicest summer boho look ever!


The natural fiber par excellence and known worldwide for being breathable, hypoallergenic and soft. No wonder we all swear by it!

Surely you have tonnes of cotton garments in your wardrobe like tees, jeans, shirts, dresses, etc. If you don’t, then load up! It will keep you comfortable and fresh at all times.
white dress
Wear a white cotton dress with a clutch and heeled sandals for a classic summer look. If you’re more daring, try sandals in a vibrant hue to add a visual punch to the look.


Surely the first thing that comes to mind is softness. True! But in addition, silk is great for staying cool during the summer. It’s light and has a flattering natural shine. You can’t go without it on summer nights. But bear in mind it’s also delicate —even more than linen— so it needs to be washed by hand.
silk dress
This summer wear a sexy slip dress. It’s a feminine and flattering garment that will make you shine any summer night. For a daytime look you can wear it with trainers and at night with high-heeled sandals and a clutch. You will look amazing!


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