We Are Telling You All You Need To Know About Houndstooth Print

16 October, 2019

Once again houndstooth print is back in our wardrobes, just in time to welcome autumn and we are more than happy that its back.
Designers like Balenciaga, Chanel or Valentino have chosen this print to put all over their collections: coats, dresses, vests… Want to know more about it? Let’s get into it!

What is the houndstooth print?

The houndstooth print is a trend that dates all the way back to the 50s when fashion muses like Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn where the best representation for it. It’s an ongoing pattern of squares that can vary in size. The colours are originally black and white, although now a days the colours of this pattern have been adapted to whatever is in season at the moment.

This season the houndstooth print is a must

From clothing items that in essence black and white to others that are blue or have redder tones. This Autumns fashion has surrendered to this trendy print.

houndstooth tag-walk

How to combine the houndstooth print this autumn?

You wont be able to resist wearing it, you’ll see it in every magazine, in each blog, on every celebrity… and when something is everywhere you can either fight it or join the movement.

  • Total black with a houndstooth print coat
  • A total black look made out of your wardrobe basics that will make you fall in love once you put on the coat that we are all talking about. You know the one we are talking about! the double breasted one with shoulder pads and golden buttons that mix perfectly with the houndstooth print

  • Total look with houndstooth print
  • Have you woken up full of energy? Match that energy by wearing a houndstooth print total look with full set of trousers and jacket in this print that won’t go unnoticed, sometimes less is more! Caroline Maigret, one of the Chanel muses has opted for this option which is an absolute 10 in our book.

  • Houndstooth accessories that will make a difference
  • Scarpin shoes or some kitten heels with houndstooth printed fabric will give your Autumn outfit the extra punch you need. But not everything has to be in heel form, wear your favourite skinny jeans and add some slipper style shoes in this print. The ultimate street style look.

    At Lookiero we haven’t been able to resist it and have welcomed this print with our arms wide open, Take a look at some houndstooth clothing items that wil make you look effortlessly fashion.

    1. Houndstooth dress

    3. Houndstooth skirt

    5. Houndstooth trousers
      houndstooth trousers

    7. Houndstooth jumper
      houndstooth jumper


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