Stylish Shorts To Suit Your Shape

18 July, 2019

Now that we are all in to the summer months, it’s time to talk about shorts and how to wear them to suit your body type. Most of us want to reuse a pair or two from last year and even invest in a new pair for the new season. Either way, it’s worth taking the time to understand what style shorts suit your body shape and how to style them.

Types of shorts

Here we look into types of shorts for women, and what shorts you can choose for your body type, here are our  top tips and styling ideas...

Shorts for an hourglass body shape

If your shoulders and hips are of the same width but your waist is smaller the objective will be to accentuate the smallest part of your body. In order to do that the best option are some shorts that knot at the front, that have a belt or elastic in the waistband and if you are able to find some with some vertical stripes, even better! These are the best style of shorts to highlight an hourglass figure.

If you’re looking for shorts for an hourglass figure,  wear a pair that tie at the waist and have vertical stripes. Add a white top with a subtle frill on the sleeves that will create an equilibrium between the bottom and top part, finish it off with a pair of wedged espadrilles. This outfit that will highlight your silhouette perfectly.


shorts for an hourglass figure

Shorts for an inverted triangle shape

If the bottom half of your body is slimmer than the top half the best option is to center the attention on the bottom part, this can be done through shorts that have bold patterns or decorations on them. For shorts for inverted triangle shapes and shorts for slim legs, always opt for a pattern to draw attention to the lower half of your body.

Try some fluid shorts in a floral print, perfect for this time of the year, with a lace top and some flat sandals. You’ll look stunning.


shorts for inverted triangle shape


Shorts for a triangle body shape

If your hips are wider than your shoulders, the best option are some plain shorts without any prints, adornment or anything excessively flashy. This will prevent attention being drawn to your hips and making this area look bigger.

When it comes to shorts for a triangle body shape, choose a flared line style as this will be the most flattering. Choose shorts that cinch at the waist and are looser in the leg area. When it comes to colour it’s best to choose darker colours or neutrals.

For shorts to conceal wider hips, try some basic denim shorts that are high waisted that are slightly distressed. Wear them with a summery top and some platform sandals for a 10 out of 10 look.


Shorts for triangle body shape

Shorts for an apple body shape

If the most prominent part of your body is your stomach area, your best bet is to stay away from shorts that have any type of fold or pleat in the waist area, because this style of adds volume to this area, which is generally the opposite effect that you want.

When looking shorts for apple shapes, go for some basic shorts in dark colours. The ones that will look best on you will be high waisted styles that truly reach your waist. Stay away from the ones that sit at your hips.

For shorts for an oval shape, go for some high waisted shorts with vertical stripes in dark tones like burgundy or dark blue. Pair it with some dressed up trainers and a burgundy coloured top for a fresh and flattering look.

shorts for apple body shape


Shorts for a rectangle body shape

If your body is practically the same in the top and bottom half the objective is to create some extra curves through frills, pleats, side pockets or prints. For shorts for a rectangle shaped body, the best option is to choose a bright colour and layered style.

Get yourself some fitted shorts with pleats in a lemon green colour, pair it with a navy top that will add extra luminosity to your outfit. You’ll look fabulous as well and being completely on trend.

Shorts for a rectangle body shape


As you can see, carefully choosing the style of shorts that you wear can flatter your body shape, no matter what shape you are. For more styling tips to flatter your body shape, like how to find the perfect trousers for summer or the perfect jeans for your body shape, the Lookiero stylists can help.




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