4 Summer Jumpsuits to Fit Different Body Types

28 July, 2020

Best Jumpsuits for an hourglass silhouette

Jumpsuits for an hourglass silhouette
If your shoulders are the same width as your hips and you have a well-defined waist, the most flattering jumpsuits for you will have a V neckline, halter or strapless cut. Also, opt for those that are fitted at the waist and with a straight at the hips and legs.

Here we’ve opted for a mini print, with a V-neckline and snug (but not tight) waist. To further streamline your silhouette add your high-heels of preference. Instantly super chic!

Best Jumpsuits for a rectangular silhouette

Jumpsuits for a rectangular silhouette
Because your shoulders and hips have roughly the same width, so you have to work on enhancing your waist. For this reason, we suggest jumpsuits that are simple and cinched or wrapped around the waist that don’t have embroideries or too many details. Take for example this one in plain denim, its straight and fluid cut and belt will make your waist look smaller and give you that beautiful hourglass silhouette. A basic and very flattering garment that you can wear both for the day with trainers and a cardigan. For the evening glam it up with high heels and a cute mini shoulder bag or clutch.

Best jumpsuits for an oval silhouette

Best jumpsuits for an oval silhouette
Try to streamline your figure with solid colour garments or vertical striped patterns. Also look for jumpsuits with straight and loose necklines as these are the most flattering for you. For the summer, we love this one in vertical stripes which is loose at the bottom and comes with a belt to cinch the waist without adding volume. Dare to wear it this with wedge espadrilles and a wicker bag. You’ll look fabulous!

Best jumpsuits for triangular silhouette

Best jumpsuits for triangular silhouette
This body type tends to have a fuller lower half. So the trick is to balance out your shape by adding volume to your top half. Here we’ve suggested a straight cut with ruffles on the straps to draw the eye up. It’s not only trendy and romantic, but it will make you look more streamlined, proportionate and very stylish!


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